Set with Sun Disc Before Merneptah

Merenptah offering to Set, who is depicted with the Solar Disc
From column of Merenptah's temple in Heliopolis, now at GEM
(My trace from the original photo which is at
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A colleague shared a link to the originating photo of Merenptah offering to Set, who is depicted with a Solar Disc. The column was originally from Merenptah's Temple in Heliopolis (Iunu) (now Matariya). After being in storage since 2008 to protect it from the high level of subsoil water there, it has since been moved to the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

The depiction of Set with the Solar Disc is quite rare. We normally think of Set as a Lunar god, because he has to be at his best during the night time defence of Ra against the Ap/p. But that would be limiting him! Grasping the Khepesh means he is granting protection to Merneptah against his country's enemies.